Wild Seaweed illustration


We use two different seaweeds: Irish Moss from the beautiful Donegal coast and Arctic Winged Kelp from the Atlantic Ocean. Irish Moss provides the smooth, silky texture making the moisturiser easy to absorb and deeply nourishing. Arctic Winged Kelp has been scientifically proven to reactivate aging skin cells at the active levels we use, increases skin elasticity, firmness, radiance and hydration.

Juniper illustration


Organic Juniper Essential Oil is traditionally used to cleanse, detox and purify the skin and so is a true gift to oily and combination skin. It is also used by Aromatherapists to help relieve tiredness.

Sandalwood illustration


Sandalwood is often used in skincare because of its ability to sooth irritated and sensitive skin. We only use organic Essential Oil made from the highly prized, wild Sandalwood found in South India. Sandalwood is also valued in India for bring clarity and relaxation to the mind so this miracle worker not only calms your skin, it also gives you a zen-like mind.