Being sustainable is incredibly important to us. It is a big part of our Philosophy and informs everything we do. 

Sustainable Production

  • All our products are handmade in small batches to keep all the active botanicals fresh and to make sure there is no waste.
  • Our skincare is packaged in beautiful, recyclable glass jars with bamboo lids.
  • All our postal packaging is recyclable, and as much packaging as possible is used from a recycled source such as the zig zag card which protects the glass jar in the postal box. It comes from the extra bits left over from the manufacturing of disposable coffee cups.
  • Our skincare is made using green, renewable energy. We have photovoltaic panels on the roof of the garden workshop which makes our electricity, and a large battery to make sure we don’t lose any of the precious electricity we have just made.
  • As many local ingredients are used as possible: rose petals, wild seaweed, comfrey leaves, daffodils, crab apple blossom, water. We also buy local packaging as often as possible.

Return Your Empties

We would love you to Return Your Empties and help us to create a truly sustainable business. We will wash and refill the glass jars (we offer free postage for these returns in the UK, see our Return Your Empties page for more details).

Protect the Environment

We support several environmental charities, giving 10% of our profits to inspiring projects such as The Ocean Clean Up, a charity working to remove plastic from the sea. We also sponsor Perry the Puffin, and so help RSPB to protect this beautiful, endangered seabird which breeds on Rathlin Island, off the coast of Northern Ireland.

Like so many others, we try to live our lives being conscious of our impact on the planet, and being respectful and grateful to our Earth for all its abundance.

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