Belle and Basil are in this photo. Yes, you’ve guessed it. I really did name a skincare company after our dogs...

Finding the right name of the business was a long process. One afternoon I had coerced some friends to help and we were struggling through Irish dictionaries, Sanskrit dictionaries, in fact any dictionary we could get our hands on to try to find the right name, when a sweet friend called Siobhán waltzed in, looked at the doggies patiently waiting for their walk and said “what about Belle and Basil?” Brilliant! We all looked at each other in amazement and knew we had the right name.

Victoria Keys, founder, Belle & Basil

VICTORIA, The Founder

I have been a complementary therapist since 2003 and studied herbal medicine in 2011. I learnt about the medicinal herbs and how to turn them into healing infusions, tinctures and creams. I had been looking for a moisturiser that could reduce the fine lines that were starting to appear but only wanted to use a face cream that was completely natural, kind to the environment and not tested on animals, so inspired by the herbal medicine course I started making my own. It was a very bumpy road to start with. There were as many disasters as successes but eventually found a formulation that worked. Friends started persuading me to think about producing it more regularly and eventually a lovely friend from Australia, Isabel Lucas, convinced me to share it with you.

Corrina, The Artistic Genius

This is the lady behind the look of Belle&Basil, especially the gorgeous illustrations. A seriously talented lady. To see more of her work look at

Corrina Askin
Gillian, Belle & Basil

Gillian, The Great Organiser

I would be lost without Gillian. She looks after all the facts and figures and keeps me right. She is also full of good sense and a can do attitude. Every business needs a Gillian.

Orla and Gráinne, The Production Team

Orla and Gráinne both have a background in herbs. Orla is training to be a herbalist and Gráinne has shared the healing power of herbs with groups for years. They both bring a sensitive, caring attitude to everything they do and it is a real honour to share the garden workshop with them.